About Us...

     It started in 2011, as an opportunity to purchase some extra Pinot Noir from Myron Redford, at Amity Vineyard. I didn't have to buy land. I didn't have to buy a facility. I just had to buy the fruit, the barrels and bottles. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, and didn't.

     Out of necessity, I found myself bouncing around to different homes. But in 2014, I landed at my good friend, Jerry Sass's property, in Salem.

     Annually purchasing between one and two tons, we strive to simply make good pinot. We produce it in such small amounts, we let the vintage and the vineyard dictate the final product.

     We purchase from vineyards all over the valley, but primarily from Lia's Vineyard, in Chehalem. Lia's has about 26 acres planted to eight clones/selections of pinot noir – Wädenswil, Pommard, 114, 115, 667, 777, 828, and Mariafeld (aka UCD23), as well as a bit over two acres of Chardonnay (Wente Selection). The Pommard, Wädenswil and Chardonnay were all propagated from own-rooted cuttings with plantings from 1990 to 1993. The 1999-2002 plantings are all on 101-14 rootstock. Spacing on plantings prior to 2009 is 5×9 with VSP trellising. The most recent plantings (2009-2016) are spaced 3×7, 4×7 and 4×8 on RG, 101-14, 3309 and SO4 rootstocks.  The vines aren’t irrigated – we hold that dry farming tends to produce more balanced vines and better fruit.

The Chehalem Mountains AVA  is home to an estimated 150 vineyards. Some of the wineries in the AVA are among Oregon’s most well-known and highly regarded names in pinot noir while many are limited production, artisan producers. 

With an average size of 12.5 acres, this patchwork of small, family-owned vineyards on varying soil types and elevations from 200 to over 1000 feet above sea level is an exciting source for exquisite wines.

Lia's sells most of our fruit. Current customers of Lia's include J.Christopher Wines, Patricia Green Cellars, Grochau Cellars, Helioterra WinesTimothy Malone Wines, and White Rose Estate.

     We are excited to be able to purchase fruit from such exciting vineyards such as this.

About the Wine...

We simply want to make good Pinot....

     We aren't pretentious about wine. We also never forget that we are in the business of drinking it. And as we have had vintages that prove more difficult than others, we are always focused on maintaining a balance of fruit and structure, with a backbone of acidity.  

     We love what the Willamette Valley offers wines... Several microclimates, mixed with several soil types. The variation from vintage to vintage is extraordinary.  And at only around 100 cases a vintage, every year brings a new wine. 

Justin Croxall